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Garden Maintenance in Altrincham

Garden maintenance in Altrincham

Garden maintenance in Altrincham will be start again as the spring approaches. After this winter which has been cold and wet means a lot of people have left the garden for the winter. But one should remember that garden maintenance needs to be carried out all year round not just in the warmer months of spring and summer.

It is easier to clear up through the winter and best to collect the leaves as they fall in the autumn. If a garden is nice and tidy through the the winter gardeners will find it a lot easier to be encouraged to go out and do some work on a nice sunny day in the winter even if it is a really cold day.

Apart from anything else one will find it is possible to get more work done on a cold day than one when it is roasting hot in the middle of July

A lot of the work needed to make a garden look great in the summer should be carried out in the winter. Pruning for example is best done in the winter  and early spring giving the plants a chance to prepare for spring growth ready for summer.

Window boxes can be emptied and cleaned ready for replanting in march and even planted with winter flowers to brighten up Gardens in Altrincham with some summer colour.

One will find it easier to find a professional gardener to carry out work in The Altrincham area in the winter months as most professional gardeners will be very busy in the spring and summer as this is when the phone does not stop ringing.

Once a garden has been put to bed for the winter it will make the spring a lot more pleasurable to be in the garden as one will not be looking at everything with a sense of foreboding as most of the hard work will already have been done.