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Garden maintenance in Altrincham

Garden maintenance at this time of year will lead most amateur gardeners to say that clearing leaves up is one of the tasks that they dread because as soon as they have finished there will be as many leaves as when they started.
They will have to put all the leaves in a bin or fill plastic bags and wait until all the leaves have fallen and make a bonfire to get rid of them.
There is however another way of dealing with autumn leaves and that is to make leaf mold from them. This is the material that is made from allowing leaves to rot down until they turn into a dark brown material that will crumble into fine pieces when handled. this can then be added to flower beds or tubs and pots and can even be used on lawns as a dressing to help improve soil texture
The main benefits of using leaf mold on the garden is that it improves water retention and soil texture and it will also encourage worms and beneficial bacteria to live in the soil.
Leaves will take longer to rot down than normal compost. there are different ways of making leaf mold firstly black plastic bin liners can be filled with damp leaves and sealed then some air holes should be made in the bags to allow air to circulate. The bags should then be checked every couple of months and water added if the leaves have dried out.
The second way  is to make an area in the corner of the garden and pile the leaves there preferably a wire or wooden cage should be built first but as long as the pile is kept moist the leaves will rot down. It is a good idea to cover the pile with plastic sheeting to help retain moisture and warmth.
The leaves will take about a year to decompose before they are decomposed enough to add to the garden  but it will take two years before it will turn into the dark crumbly material which are unrecognizable as leaves.
The process can be speeded up by running the leave through a shredding machine or by collecting the leaves by running a lawn mower over them which will break the leaves up to fine matter that will decompose much quicker than whole leaves.
Leaves from evergreen trees or conifers should not be added to the mix as they will take much longer to rot down.
The plastic bags should be lifted every two months or so and shaken to help decomposition and heaps should be turned over with a garden fork at the same period of time.
Making leaf mold is really simple and adding it to a garden will benefit the soil greatly as well as making the gardener doing the work realise they are doing something more worthwhile than just clearing up rubbish.

Adding this to the soil will make Garden maintenance easier over the coming seasons.