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Gardeners in Altrincham

There are many different Gardeners in Altrincham area from the amateur who potters around in the garden doing the weeding and cutting the lawns to the serious enthusiast who watches all the gardening programs on television and reads all the books that are available. They may also be members of the Royal Horticultural society and […]

Garden maintenance in Altrincham

Garden maintenance at this time of year will lead most amateur gardeners to say that clearing leaves up is one of the tasks that they dread because as soon as they have finished there will be as many leaves as when they started. They will have to put all the leaves in a bin or […]

Lawn Maintnenance in Altrincham

The last post about maintaining Lawns in Altrincham covered lawn renovations and treating lawns by spiking ans scarifying them. After this has been done a dressing can be added to help the lawn in different ways. a mixture of good quality loam, sand and peat is normally used to dress a lawn and the autumn […]