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Lawn maintenance in Altrincham

As September approaches we are entering the best time of year to renovate lawns which this year have had the hottest summer for a few years to contend with. Luckily there has been a fair amount of rain to help with the growth of grass.

Good lawns come from good maintenance however when lawns have deteriorated and have become patchy or covered in moss there are a number of things that can be done to bring a lawn back to life by a program of law renovation.

A program of scarifying, spiking and applying a top dressing will help to renovate a lawn and really good results can be achieved quite quickly.

The steps that follow can be done at any time of the year and will be carried out on top sports pitches like golf greens several times a year.

Firstly the grass should be scarified with a lawn rake to remove the thatch whch is dead grass and debris this will also take out moss if it is present. If there is a lot of moss which is quite common in Altrincham then a scarifying machine can be hired from a tool hire company.

If a machine is used it will rip out a lot of moss and can leave bare patches in the lawn but these can be reseeded if need be

After this spiking the lawn with a hollow tine fork can be used to aerate the lawn by making hole about 3-6 inches in the surface

this will improve drainage and allow the top dressing to fall into the holes. Spiking and also be done with a fork to improve drainage or a machine can be hired to do the job if a large area is being treated which will have changeable rollers so a choice can be made as to what affect is needed.

Using a hollow thyne fork will pull plugs of soil out of the earth which will need collecting afterwards. This technique is best used on lawns that are compacted or that have been laid on a heavy or clay soil. The soil will be improved with the top dressing helping better root development.

A spiker will be used to improve drainage and a slitter will do the same.

Once these have been done a top dressing can be made up to apply and brushed onto the lawn.

The way to make top dressings and the reasons for doing so will be covered in the next post.