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Garden Maintenance in Altrincham and Ibiza

Garden maintenance in Altrincham as compared to looking after one in Ibiza leads to the realisation  that the techniques used are the similar and that the cycle of work takes place at the same time.

The seasons run at more or less the same time but from spring through autumn the weather in Ibiza is warmer. The spring in Ibiza can be from 22 to 28 degrees from February to April with it reaching the low 30’s in May from May to September it will be at its hottest cooling down through October and reaching the colder months of November December and January.

The pruning cycle in both places should be carried out between December and the end of February. and the maintenance of lawns is carried out the same time as here in Altrincham between March and November.

One difference is that the lawns are seeded with a different type of seed. Grass in Ibiza will be a selection of brown topped fescue grasses which are courser that than the lawns that grow in Altrincham this type of grass spreads more than the grasses grown in England but they are more suited to hot climates. They do however turn brown in the winter especially if the temperature drops to freezing.

Weeds however are a different story because they will only grow in the winter in Ibiza as there is a lot more rain. Once a garden has been cleared of weeds they will not start growing again until the winter rains begin unless of course there is rain in the summer months which does happen sometimes.  Weeds will of course grow around the bases of plants that are being irrigated so the will have to be removed through out the summer months.

The use of mulches and the addition of compost in the winter will help to feed plants and keep weeds ant bay, this technique will also help the soil to retain water which is very important in hot weather.

The feeding of plants should be carried out at the same time of year if fertilsers are being used and lawns will benefit from being given a treatment in the spring and the late summer to keep them looking green and lush.