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Garden maintenance in Altrincham and Ibiza.


Questions about garden maintenance in Altrincham have led to discussions of what differences are there between gardening techniques in Altrincham compared to Ibiza. The answer may surprise some people that the techniques used are more or less the same.
There are many plants that will thrive in Altrincham that will also grow well in Ibiza such as Roses. Lavender, Rosemary, Honeysuckle, Hibiscus and Wisteria. There are more types of plants than this but these are some of the more well known ones.

The most common question is how does one deal with drought in Ibiza and the answer to this is that most country houses have their own wells and the houses in towns will be connected to mains water supply. There are other houses that will have to have water trucked in on a regular basis so one must design a garden based on the supple of water.

The biggest difference is that lawns in an area like Altrincham will not need irrigating whereas they will in Ibiza. The techniques to save water are the same wherever a garden is situated and this leads us to some old fashioned  gardening techniques that have been used in England over several hundred years.

One of the most important things to do is to make the soil water retentive and this can be done by making compost and regularly adding it to the soil by digging it into the flower beds every year. This will not only help the soil retain water but also feed the plants with organic matter.

This will also encourage insects to thrive in the soil which will help break up the sub structure and allow water to soak downwards meaning it would take longer to evaporate allowing the plants to gain sufficient fluid.

Compost can also be added as a mulch on top of the earth to help retain moisture One way of helping lawns is to spike and dress them with peat as this will allow moisture to sink into the soil under grass and the peat retains moisture as well. It is possible to buy peat from sustainable sources in Altrincham.

The use of a plastic membrane will not only help to keep weeds under control but also help slow evaporation of moisture back out of the soil keeping it moist for longer.