Altrincham gardeners

If you are looking for Altrincham gardeners why not call Daniel Tyler Landscapes who can maintain your garden using traditional techniques learnt in the UK and Spain over the last 25 years

We cover an area between Altrincham, Bowden, Chorlton, Didsbury and Wilmslow in the  South Manchester area

Regular maintenance or one off visits to gain control of a garden can be arranged to  suit customer needs.

Year round visits possible as winter is an important time for garden maintenance as this is the time of year that most pruning should be carried at as well moving of shrubs and preparing herbaceous border for the spring.

Advice on all aspects of Altrincham gardening can be given from lawn problem, pests and diseases, planting, vegetable and herb gardening.

Window boxes and tubs can be supplied as well as planted up throughout the year.

pruning, planting design,and irrigation. We can build and maintain compost heaps to return garden waste to the soil.

Assistance can be given to keen amateur Altrincham gardeners who have limited time to do all the work themselves.

Fences and garden furniture treated.

Garden waste can be taken away.

over 30 years experience in London Ibiza and Altrincham.

Friendly and reliable service.

Call or email to arrange a meeting so that we can develop a plan to create a beautiful garden for all year use  and enjoyment.